Best Bowling Ball for Synthetic Lanes of 2021

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to make the right buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the best bowling ball for synthetic lanes you can find today.

A famous quote by a sports enthusiast stated: “Bowling is more like dating, a smooth approach and a great follow-through produce great rewards”! Any great bowling player will tell you about the intricate yet proficient nature of the game.

Basically, bowling is a target-based game in which a ball is thrown by the bowler on a lane (made either of wood or a synthetic lane) towards the target-pins to win the game.

Synthetic lanes are formed of the sheets of toughened melamine resin compound on which lies a reinforced synthetic composite made up of fine particles of aluminum oxide which is not only better in performance but also cost-effective.

Here, we will be suggesting the best bowling ball for synthetic lanes which will make it more convenient for you to make choose a ball & start bowling. So let’s begin.

Our Top Picks Best Bowling Ball for Synthetic Lanes:

We have enlisted the best bowling ball to use on synthetic lanes that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and have come up with the list of these bowling balls with endless features.

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1. The Hammer Black Widow Pink Bowling Ball

best bowling ball for synthetic lanes

Boasting of the best ever cover-stock launched in the Hammer Widow series till date. It is a mixed blend of an asymmetrical core & the reactive pearl cover stock. It will help the ball run smoothly even on slippery ground to hit the target easily, which implies a strong back-end reaction and a “toast for the eyes”!

  • It contains a vigorous back-end that provides the essential strength to the ball to hit the target.nAn engaging 500-1000 abalone polish finish looks which also helps the ball to increase its grip on the surface.nNot only this, but the ball is also recognized for its durability i.e. long-lasting use. For beginners who expect a lot of hook and grip in the ball may opt for this ball. n
  • Players may face difficulty in controlling the ball particularly while throwing the ball on the lane.nImproper Drilling may lead to glitches in the ball during the game.n

2. Motive Venom Shock Pearl Ball

best bowling ball for synthetic lanes

Contains a unique combination of the new advanced core & the cover-stock that has been designed in a way to produce an incredible performance.It does so by responding quickly towards friction, durability and a 5500 unique grit SLT finish which allows it to support itself with help of the front-end with dual weight block density, etc.

  • It works amazingly well on all types of synthetic lanes despite any amount of oil on the surface.nThe dual-density block confers great power to the ball for gaining momentum for hitting the target. The VSP also comes with an impressive cover-stock recognized for its quick response u0026 length.n
  • Players may experience difficulty while handling the ball.

3. Ebonite Game Breaker Ball

best bowling ball for synthetic lanes

The Ebonite Game Breaker ball is a great choice for bowling since it possesses features like durability, back end reactivity to give the ball power & an easy-grip on the slippery surface, etc.

  • Shielded coverstock of the ball comes with a strong 12.7 cover stock with which you may forgo your worries regarding the cracking down or breakage of the ball anytime soon. nThe ball comes with an intricate finished display that helps the player and his game to stand out in public. n
  • Drilling should be done with caution because any fault may cause the ball to break down.

4. Brunswick Rhino – Best Bowling Ball to Use On Synthetic Lanes

Best Bowling Ball to Use On Synthetic Lanes

Apart from some exquisite features like an advanced R-16 reactive coverstock, a supportive back-end, a supportive hook, a tight grip on the surface blended with a light bulb shaped conventional core that enables the player to control the motion of the ball. It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best bowling ball to use on synthetic lanes.

  • This ball is a great alternative for the players especially amateurs, who are in search of more hook in the ball.nThis ball is surface sensitive to the conditions of the synthetic lane surface.n
  • It has lesser endurance as compared to others.nCare should be taken while drilling the ball as the ball could break easily.n

5. Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball

Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias

The Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball may prove to be an ideal choice for the players who want a ball with features like aggressive reaction, sensitivity towards the surface, the ability of the hook, and a great coverstock. This ball works ideally for veterans rather than novices.

  • With an amazing cover-stock possessing as more as three times better shield as compared to other normal balls.nIt comes with an impressive design that provides help in increasing the hook potential of the ball.n
  • Though its super–aggressive design is remarkable for the enhanced performance however it may lead to difficulty in handling the ball.nWith increasing exposure towards the surface of the synthetic lane, it starts to turn yellowish.n

6. Radical Conspiracy Bowling Ball

 Radical Conspiracy

With the classic combination of asymmetrical core shapes known as the “Dynamic core” as well as the newly incorporated “Forged 2” cover-stock who mutually provide motion to the ball towards the end of the lane, hitting the target which makes it one the most popular choice in the game. 

  • The ball has been made especially for the players who aim to hit the target in a way to move the ball further down the lane with a hook at the end.nThe amazing Dynamic core provides plenty of power with a lesser number of revolutions. n
  • The ball has got the power to move forward vigorously towards the target through the oil surface on the lane though it may slip on sometimes. nAgain, some bowlers don’t approve the fact that the ball hooks more than required down the synthetic lane. n

7. Storm Hy-Road Pearl Ball

Storm Hy-Road Pearl Ball

Unlike other balls that are reliant on either cover or its core. This ball has the combined strength which comes from the harmony between strong exterior as well as the powerful internal core. This feature makes it an absolute favorite for use on any synthetic lane.

  • Includes a noble inverted weight block which helps to gain extra weight as well as motion for the ball. nThe improved strength of the ball prevents the ball from cracking on synthetic lanes. n
  • The ball may respond aggressively on a drier surface of synthetic lane especially either on extremely dry surfaces or such surfaces that have been depleted over time.

8. Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball

Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball

Introduced to make the game of bowling pleasant under any diverse bowling circumstances, it possesses one notch higher features than former widow legend ball with features like the hybrid cover-stock which makes it supple & effective for control.

  • With the Hammer Black widow legend ball, it becomes likely to get a winning shot thanks to its effective performance u0026 shiny black polished outer surface.
  • The cost is relatively higher as compared to other balls.

9. Brunswick Kingpin Ball

best bowling ball for synthetic lanes

With a novel blend of the asymmetrical core & its cover stock is normally known as Enhanced Composite Adhesion cover stock (ECA). This ball delivers a productive powerful & effective gaming for the players. 

  • It acts flawlessly on diverse surface oil conditions on the lane. nIt strikes a healthy balance between controls on the ball with power and is essentially an ideal option for beginners.n

    10. Storm Code Red – Best Bowling Ball for Synthetic Lanes

    best bowling ball for synthetic lanes

    With multiple specialties like the powerful RAD4 core which helps the ball to obtain high-speed motion as well as the striking hybrid reactive cover-stock for efficient performance of the ball. In addition to these traits, there is a 1500- grit polish finished look for a sleek & attractive design. Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best bowling ball for synthetic lanes, especially from a value perspective.

    • Effective performance delivery in medium to heavy oil conditions to move swiftly through lane surface. nEqually suitable for entry-level newcomers as well as for experienced players. n
    • The hooks are relatively poor in quality.

    How to choose the best bowling ball for synthetic lanes?

    As victory couldn’t be achieved in a war without proper armaments, in the same way, the game of bowling is incomplete without having a perfect ball. Therefore, here some points you should consider while choosing from a wide variety of options available in physical as well as virtual markets.

    1. Cover stock & Core Designs – Synthetic lanes offer lesser friction in contrast to the wooden lanes, which means that if a player throws the ball on a synthetic lane, it will move straight without deflecting from its path to hit the target. Thus, an efficient cover-stock will make a proper shield to protect the ball and providing requisite friction.
    2. Strength of “the Ball” – Although, there are innumerable options available in the market which appear to be strong initially but crackdown easily. Thus, it is necessary to choose a ball that has a reputation for its endurance in the market.
    3. Choosing a Ball with more “Hook”
      While the novices look for balls with more hook, skilled veterans prefer to have a lesser hook in their bowling balls. While it may be easier for the experienced ones to get the ball especially for straight bowlers but the players who want more hooks in their balls may find it difficult to get a ball that gives more hook.
    4. Weight of the Ball- More or Less?
      While a ball lighter in weight may be slippery on the surface of the synthetic lane and may pose a problem in the way for the ball to gain momentum for winning a shot, a heavier ball may make it tough for the bowler to control the ball while throwing it.


    This article solely focused on the specification and the reviews received by the users. Among the best bowling ball for synthetic lanes, it is essential to know what is your strength and which bowling ball will compliment your playing style. A point noted is that in each bowling ball, there are pros and cons, and it works differently in every lane.

    Therefore, a ball must be selected carefully taking care of the features described above. If you want a ball known for its powerful performance & durability you may consider the “Hammer Black Widow Pink ball” for bowling. Enjoy Bowling!

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