Best Bowling Balls For Short Oil Patterns of 2021

Bowlers always consider various factors that help them to thrive and triumph in their sport. They have several choices on their gears, apparels, eating habits, and training. However, they are also focused on its coverstock, the hole sizes, and the lanes.

Bowling balls differ for players, and the level of professionalism they have acquired. Therefore, balls also vary in sizes, so do the lanes. Choosing your ball to gain the optimum performance and thrill requires a bit scrutiny before going for the best bowling balls for short oil patterns. 

The term ‘oil pattern’ basically means an oil-like substance that is used to coat the lanes. Sometimes wax is used, but oil provides a better shot and is easier to apply. This ensures that the lanes last longer than non-oiled lanes. The amount of oil, the length, and width of the lane together play a huge role in the oil patterns.

But, protecting the lanes is not the sole purpose of applying oils. Oil reduces friction and increases hooking. With short oil pattern, the ball tends to hook quicker.

However, as a bowler practice every day using the same bowling ball or a house ball, the coverstock acquires a layer of oil and dirt. This also affects the performance of the bowler. So, the essential maintenance of the bowling ball is always required. Otherwise, there is no point in choosing the best bowling balls for short oily patterns

Recreational patterns, Challenging patterns, and Sport patterns have different styles of adding oil to the lanes. A good and higher volume of oil is applied to the heart of the lane. The remaining parts of the lane have significantly lower amounts. In sport pattern, they use an evenly spread of oil, consequently causing it harder for bowlers to hit the spins.

The most significant resulting style is to use the Rule of 31. The bowler has to subtract 31 from the lane’s length, letting them know the breaking point. The breaking point is where your ball exits the oily lane.

We have top picks for best bowling balls for short oil patterns for bowlers so that they do not have to struggle to discover the best bowling balls for short oil patterns. Let us have a word about how each product can affect your performances and increase your charisma. 

The bowling is one of the crucial parts of the game, but only partially. A more significant dig is given to all other aspects like training, practice, concentration, and shoes. Otherwise, even a professional and experienced player would lose their grip on the ball.

Short oil patterns also affect the score of the bowlers. Because short oil pattern is used on more extended lanes and can cause most players to lose their strength, a player must strategically improve their skills and bowling styles to retain a higher success score in all forms of oil patterns.

Our Tops Picks Best Bowling Balls For Short Oil Patterns:

We have enlisted the best bowling balls for short oil patterns for you that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and have come up with the list of these balls with endless features.

1. Storm Match Up Pearl

best bowling balls for short oil patterns
Storm Match Up Pearl Black/Orange/Silver, 10 lb
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 21.082 L X 22.098 W X 22.606 H (Cm)
  • Item Package Weight: 4.831 Kilograms
  • Clean through the front of the lane
  • Strong coverstock
  • Great color combination
  • Great arc and smooth-rolling motion
  • Strong Backend movement
  • Reasonable Price
  • Not suitable for heavy oil lane
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2. Roto Grip Nuclear Cell

Roto Grip Nuclear Cell
Roto Grip Nuclear Cell 14lb
  • Core: Nucleus (14-16#)
  • Coverstock: eTrax-P20 Pearl Reactive
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil-Medium/Heavy Oil
  • Cleaner though the front part
  • Nice shelf appeal
  • The balls reaction is great
  • A lot of down lane angle and motion
  • High flare potential
  • Strong and continuous motion
  • Versatile breakpoint shape
  • Probably not best for light oil
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3. Storm Code RedBest Bowling Balls For Short Oil Patterns

best bowling balls for short oil patterns
Storm Code Bowling Ball, Red, 14 lb
  • The Storm Code Red is the second of balls released in the Code series following up the popular Code black
  • The ball is finished at 1500 Grit Abralon and left with a dull finish to get the midlane roll that bowlers are looking for
  • The R2S Hybrid Reactive cover stock is on the Code Red and is paired up with the RAD4 Core
  • Strong backend movement
  • Strongest Core
  • Lot more motion
  • Does not overreact
  • Great color combination
  • Slight weak on break down lane
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4. Roto Grip No Rules Bowling Ball

Roto Grip No Rules Bowling Ball
Roto Grip No Rules Pearl Bowling Ball, 15 lb
  • Amped Pearl Reactive Cover stock
  • Chaotic Inner Core
  • 1500 Grit Polished Finish
  • High hooking potential
  • A great choice for short oil patterns
  • Great color selection
  • Read the mid-lane with strong continuation through the pins
  • Not Recommended for Light oil conditions
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5. Pyramid Pathogen Plague – Best Bowling Balls For Short Oil Patterns

best bowling balls for short oil patterns
  • Great design with a 1000-Grit Abralon Sanded finish (matte black)
  • Gives controllable arcing motion even on dry lane conditions
  • Breach Urethane coverstock allows for efficient operation
  • Best suited for light oil lane condition as it doesn’t tend to over-hook
  • Combination of coverstock and medium core makes it ideal for strikes
  • Some may find the hooking ability of the Pyramid Pathogen Plague a bit underwhelming compared to other balls.
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Find the best bowling balls for short oil patterns was a tough task, but we’ve listed the best products available on Amazon that lets you enhance your performance and help to score more. 

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